Tango y Paseo

An elegant tango dance accompanied by paintings and scenery of Montevideo and Buenos Aires.
Enjoy the show,

Imovision – moving canvasses

An experiment with moving paintings, some came out great :-)
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Imperfect but precious

A gem of a video OR a video about a gem :-)

Nature’s Beauty Secrets

A stroll through the garden offered its secrets and beauty. Spring brought in lots of surprises and blooms previously unknown.
Enjoy the walk,

Petrodollars Tango

A tango with undertones of what ails Argentina; economic, moral, ethical and governance collapse.
Enjoy the dance and the message behind the dance.

Winter Paintings

An essay on a cruel and long winter, while inside I was surrounded by orchids and warmth…

Enjoy the show,

Imagimotion #3 Trapped in Gemstones

This is a unique piece of filming, animation and science coming together. Tried to envision how events may have occurred to have encased live beings and preserve them for eternity. The world has been around for billions of years and many species have preceded human beings, so this example is a testimony that what comes goes and the circularity of life.

Please enjoy the show and share it if you like,