Using New Tools and Different Media

I have begun experimenting with new software tools and media. That includes a new program to make images pan/zoom/and turn at the same time. In additon, I am using an HDR software to enhance photographs. Also, began using HD rendering for my videos. Lastly, I am mixing photographs, paintings, modified images, HDR (High Dynamic Range), new photo techniques, and vintage film (sometimes colorized or modified).
The results are:
Images have a unique and complex motion to them.
The images themselves are richer in nature and texture.
The story telling has much more range and visual appeal.
When combined, these images result in a better looking and more dynamic rendering.

I will continue to explore and experiment, so don’t get accustomed to anything I do…
Stay tuned.

2 responses to “Using New Tools and Different Media

  1. Glad to be able to follow you here too.
    You can also give more information about your techniques and what you want to achieve…

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