TANGO PERDIDO – Video Tango –

Here’s my latest photomontage release of a tango. “Tango Perdido” is based on the music from the group Otros Aires, and their song Sin Rumbo.TANGO PERDIDOI found it very poweful and easy to pace, as well as having mystery and great acoustics to go with it.As usual this composition has been redone twice. After what I thought was a good wrap, I noticed small inconsistencies and minor flaws. Most viewers may not have noticed them, but since I was so involved in this one, I decided to tear it apart and redo it.

It took more time to re-edit and correct, than the original production. Ha ha (c’est la vie…)

The images are almost all from Montevideo, Uruguay and some came through the courtesy of Vince Alongi, a photographer who captured many scenes of Montevideo and its neighborhoods. I also used a pair of striking tango paintings by Richard Young for accent and to show some unique poses.

All in all the photomontage came out to my satisfaction as some early reviewers have confirmed it. Your comments are always appreciated.

See the video at: ==> http://vimeo.com/6906480



You can see all my videos at ==> http://www.Vimeo.com/leobar/videos


2 responses to “TANGO PERDIDO – Video Tango –

  1. I viewed this latest tango with the greatest pleasure. It falls together perfectly and is a joy to project, like a film! Brilliant

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