Tango Milagroso

Somehow I stumbled into Mandragora Tango website, an orchestra of tango musicians based out of Minneapolis about 2 months ago. Since I wasn’t familiar with them or their music I started listening to just about all their recordings on their site. They make it really easy to hear their music. Their site is HTTP://www.mandragoratango.com .Tango Milagroso

When their song “El Recodo” collided with some colorful photos from my Argentinian photographer friend Crisfer, it was a case closed! I also added some images from Marcelo Romeo Photography, another collaborator from Buenos Aires. Modified some video clips digitally by using a craquelure application, a few paintings and art, and the cake was almost ready to be cooked!

The real challenge was the timing, which was sort of syncopated at times with a slower backdrop, making a perfect sync a bit difficult. The compromise was to speed up and slow down as I saw fit, making my own rules as usual… At the end of the 5th. edit, I was so saturated with the music and images that I couldn’t make sense anymore. Two days of rest (like a good wine?) and back to look at the almost finished product. Some minor adjustments, and VOILA!

I was rushing because I wanted to finish it in time to dedicate it to Crisfer’s for her birthday present, and I managed to post it one day earlier, so all worked out fine.

Tango Milagroso from Leo Bar PIX IN MOTION on Vimeo.

Hope that all involved enjoy watching it including the visitors, thanks for your comments.

Leo Bar


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