Tango Complicado

With excelent photography of my good internet friends Cris Fer and Marcelo Romeo Photography, from Buenos Aires, I started developing this montage. The music, Epoca by Gotan Project, was so special that it lent itself for a lot of interpretation and historical retrospective.B Crisfer 46 10 11 

So I went for it, and included chapters of a tragic war (that shouldn’t have ocurred), a deflation and financial disaster (that was waiting to happen) and a few other chaotic events in the past of Argentinians. Together with some local flavor images and sensual poses, this piece has a lot of moving pieces which I tried to tie into a cohesive story.

The song addresses (vaguely) to events in the past, so I felt free to give it my own interpretation. Besides this, I liked the beat, tempo and flow of the music, which guided me with some striking images to put together a different type of tango, than what I did in the past. I Included also some mattes and treatments to the dance sequences to surround it in as if in another era (and mystery).

See the video at: http://www.vimeo.com/7624403

Hope you enjoy it…

Pix In Motion
Leo Bar


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