New York City – A Different Apple

  • This project was a lot of fun, discovery and amazement to produce. I started working on the concept in mid-October. Had to set up some collaborations with photographers, do the research, gather my thoughts, lay out a story line, then go fetch images and scour my archives for older images which may be still relevant. The idea was to show NYC in a different light, from different angles and using striking images with accentuated colors.

As it progressed, the piece looked better and better and I was really encouraged by the support of some of the photographers,  especially Trey Ratcliff who opened up its treasure chest of beautiful HDRs to me.

This video contains photos from other boroughs of NY

vimeo 8263380  

Included in this work are the following elements:

  • Music – Prelude in E minor by Gerry Mulligan, a great jazz saxophonist.
  • Photographs(exclusive HDRs) – Trey Ratcliff  :: HTTP://
  • Additional HDR and other Photographs – John Brody, NYCArthur, NYLuke, Phillip Ritz  all of them can be found at .
  • Aerial Photographs – with special animation I created to simulate shots taken from a moving plane.

I hope you enjoy watching this video ::

Pix In Motion by Leo Bar

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