New year, new projects

Hi everybody,

The new year begun and I have piled a bunch of new projects. At this point they are just ideas to be developed and fleshed out. Typically they require research, sourcing of material, music, art, paintings, history and photographs.

I always endeavor to have my own material on each project. Sometimes I have to go and shoot pictures that will complement the story, other times the images may be more abstract in nature.

These are the concepts I will be working in the next weeks/months:

  • NYC Street Art
  • Oil – Boom and bust cycles
  • A new tango (milonga)
  • Tierra del Fuego, the most southern part of South America
  • The Danube River in Romania
  • A video about the moon, moonshine etc…
  • A follow-up on the  Money Puzzle, perhaps a compilation of one of the characters accomplishments

In the meantime, enjoy the winter ♥ and have a wonderful day!


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