Street Art – New York

 As I was surfing the net sometimes in Novemeber ’09 and looking at NY scenes it struck me right between the eyes! The paintings were so vivid, capturing the escence of some old neighborhoods in New York. They were all oil paintings by Janet Ternoff. I got in touch with the artist, described what I had in mind producing and got a positive reaction. The rest was easy (so to speak  :-).

This piece came together after much editing, and recutting (6 different recuts). The challlenge was to keep it striking, dramatic, without losing the dynamics. I chose to include images of street musicians since the majority of the paintings were about steets/buildings but devoid of people. So, staying with the concept of art, what better way to depict people doing their thing…

Elements used in this production:

~ Music: Miles by Myron Walden

~ Paintings: Janet Ternoff
Janet Ternoff is a self-taught artist living and working in New York. She creates realist-style cityscapes paintings in oil. Most of her works are New York City scenes.
You may see more of this artist’s works at

~ Street Musicians Photographs: Jens De Groot @


Pix In Motion
Leo Bar
Creative Imagining


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