Tango a las Patadas

As I started crafting this video a couple of things came to mind. First, keep it simple, and second, make it fun. The whole premise of this milonga is to make fun and/or joke about a bunch of a guys from the neighborhood who go to a dance hall to meet up with girls and have a good time. Instead they end up getting in trouble, fight and other mischief.

So I kept it relatively fluid, not too many fancy moves or animations and instead injected some images that go (dance) along with the gist and humor of the lyrics.

You can see the video at :: http://www.vimeo.com/9175824

Elements used in this production are:

  • Photography (all @ www.Flickr.com)
    • Xomiele
    • Gimmenine – Alberto Concejal
    • RoBeE
  • Music: Un Baile de Beneficio by Gotan Project
  • Art, Graphics and Paintings by Leo Bar

Enjoy the show,

Pix In Motion – Creative Imagining

by Leo Bar


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