Winter Dreams

~ A Winter Fantasy ~

This video was inspired by an early thaw. I dreamed about it and when I woke up in the morning, everything looked magical almost as in a dream.

Later on, as I was constructing this piece, I realized how wrong I had been…Days later, we got hammered by a huge snowstorm…

I understood that the idea is what counts. One is allowed to dream, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Sharing this dream with you was my intent. Enjoy the images.

Elements Used in this Production:


Kakonita – Nils Peter Molvaer

Sound Effects:

Water Drips – Scott Fisher @

Waterfall – Conrad Most @


Stephen Jansson @

Michael Krigsman @

Cathy Haglund @

Vadi Kunc @

Leo bar @

Video Clip:
Ice Melting – Sebastian Perier @


Pix In Motion
Leo Bar
Creative Imagining



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