Mardi Gras Fun in New Orleans

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

I wanted to celebrate Mardi Gras in a special way. This year I didn’t make it down to the Bayou, so did the best I could with some past photographs, some borrowed and some clips. The magic of Mardi Gras is expressed through witchcraft, voodoo, macabre images, sensual images, fun, drinking, great music and more fun! I tried to incorporate all of these elements into this production. Perhaps I tried too hard? But I had great fun doing it (after 7 re-edits, that is…)



Elements used in this Video

Photography: Gail Des Jardin; Leo Bar
Music: Zydeco Gris Gris by Beau Soleil
Animations and HDR: Leo Bar

Special thanks to: Dani & Tim Huval for researching Cajun music
Zydeco Gris Gris Lyrics (with English translation)

Tout partout au ras du bayou,
La mousse-lá balance dans les gros chênes verts
Cocodries dormir en cyprière
Fifollet danser en cimitière.

All around the heart of the bayou,
The moss balances in the large green oaks
Crocodiles sleeping among the cypress trees
Will o’ the wisp dancing in the cemetery.

Vent plein de cris des loups-garous,
Pieds tapé rythme-là fou.
Moune-là connaît y’olé Zydeco,
Milattes apé grouiller aux os.

The wind full of the cries of the werewolves,
Feet tapping the crazy rhythm.
People there know the Zydeco,
Milattes begin to move their bodies to the music.

Zydeco chaud apé vini plus chaud,
Gens creoles olé plis la grand eau,
Plie ben frette qu’apé mouilli
Pas capab’ froidir sang qu’apé bouilli.

Hot Zydeco is getting hotter,
Creole people shouting about the high water,
Bend well getting mighty wet
Can’t cool the blood that’s a’boiling in the bayou.

Beaux et belles fait ses projets,
Maman maman, elle a fait le gris gris,
Loin, loin dans le cyprière noir,
Tout que’qu’un créole crie pour Zydeco.

Boys and girls doing their thing,
Mama, mama, she made a voodoo,
Way back in the black bayou cypress,
All the Creoles shout for the Zydeco.

All along the bayou for a thousand miles,
The Zydeco sound is all around,
You drop what you’re doing and come on along,
You dance to the music while I sing you my song.

The bayou’s hot and known for its heat,
The rattling bones to the Creole beat,
The word is out, cher, you got to go
Move your body to the Zydeco.


One response to “Mardi Gras Fun in New Orleans

  1. One of the best songs ever. The version used in “The Big Easy” soundtrack is the best version. (Even when I didn’t understand more than a few words)

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