Navajo Lights

Navajo Lights – Monument Valley, Arizona, part of the Navajo Nation

I have beeen experimenting over the last 3-4 videos with the intensity or lack of light. Since images are all about light and imagined textured, depth and contrast, one of the few ways to cause a major impact is through light manipulation.

HDR (pseudo) has been one of the tools used frequently. Also, I have been experimenting with (pseudo) time lapses showing sunrises and sunsets. While my techniques could improve, I am begininig to feel that light modulation is causing the difference on my stories. This production benefited from a wonderful set of photographs from Chris Luckhardt that I added to some older ones of mine. 

Ya’ At’ Eeh – Navajo Greeting
The Navajo Nation stretches from the Four Corners Monument landmark across the Colorado Plateau into Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. Located within the Navajo Nation are Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Monument Valley, Rainbow Bridge National Monument, the Hopi Indian Reservation, and the Shiprock landmark. The seat of government is located at the town of Window Rock, Arizona.
Elements Used in this Production:

Photography: MotionBlur Studios – Chris Luckhardt; Leo Bar; Wikimedia
Art & Paintings: Yellowhair
Research: ;
Four Cardinal Light Phenomena
Time and space are defined by the four cardinal light phenomena: Dawn (white, east); Midday (blue, south); Evening Twilight (yellow, west), and Night (black, north).

The four cardinal light phenomena are results of the sun’s apparent daily motion. These phenomena are a composite of the four directions, the four times of day, and the four sacred colors linked with them.
– A Navajo thinks of the east, Dawn, and the white color of the sky at the beginning of the day. This is the thinking direction.
– At midday, the association is with the south which is usually “horizon blue” or “blue haze” in reference to the band of relatively darker blue that lies on the horizon at midday. This is the planning direction.
– Evening twilight is associated with the west and “around the area becomes yellow”. This is the evaluation direction.
– Darkness is associated with the north and with the blackness of the night sky. This is the direction of change.

I hope you enjoy this video,

Pix In Motion
Leo Bar
Creative Imagining


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