Six Videos w 1K plus views

Six of my videos have surpassed the 1,000 views mark, as of last week!!

They are:

  • Tremendo Tango
  • Patagonia – Argentina
  • Dead Sea – The lowest place on Earth
  • Black Paint
  • Tango Al Horno
  • Flamenco

I’d like to thank all my friends, colleagues and contacts that were part of this event. Thanks for watching and voting.

You can see any or all of these videos @ Http://

Thank you for your support,



2 responses to “Six Videos w 1K plus views

  1. Well done Leo and well deserved too.
    Wait a little and they will reach 2000 soon.
    Just goes to show that quality pays.

    • Thanks Norbert for your support and encouragement. I still listen carefully to what you say of my pieces. You know this art well and appreciate it. As you know I’ve learned a lot by paying attention to your comments. So keep them coming…

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