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~ Visual experiment combining light, water, colors and optical (dis-con)tortions ~
Flection = Deviation from a straight or normal course
Antireflection = combined form of reflection
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Creative Commons – Attribution – Non commercial – No Derivative Works 3.0 United States
Elements used in this production:
Music: 3 Minutes to Midnight by Greendjohn

Photography all @
Steve Wall; TalkingTree; LupineHorror; Elsie

Digital Art & HDR: Leo Bar

Used Vegas 9 to do slo-mo on video clips from 30 to 15fps smooth approx. then re-rendered to 24fps to match rest of video.

Tierra Del Fuego

As I started thinking about putting together a video on this subject, I grappled with how to express the fantastic vastness of this land. By using aerial photography, long shots, macro and HDR I begun approximating the grandiose scenery of this unique area. The more I got into it, the more I doubted whether it would come through as in reality. After I re-edited 5 different times, I decided to tear it apart, and start all over. New music, new images, new animation. This is the result! Not sure if I did it justice, but I hope so.

Creative Commons – Attribution – Non commercial – No Derivative Works 3.0 United States
Elements Used In This Production:
Photography all @ Flickr: Ricardo Martins; Alberto Concejal
Art & HDR: Leo Bar
Music: Last Breath by Greendjohn
History and BAckground
Tierra Del Fuego – Argentina ~ THE FIRE THAT STILL PERSISTS

The southern-most city in the world, Ushuaia, is the entrance door to Antarctica, the place where mountains, glaciers, forests and sea meet; it is the capital city of the Argentinean province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and Islands of Southern Atlantic. Mystic and remote. Rich in legends and stories of conquerors, adventurers and people chased by justice. It is also said that Tierra del Fuego is the place where the world starts and from where it is still possible to explore virgin lands.

Tierra del Fuego continues feeding the imagination of travelers and, suggestively, invites us to discover how the smooth Patagonian plain combines with the extremity of the Andes, the forests with the rivers, the mountain tops with the sea and reality with myth.

Water Sonata

This video was inspired by a beautiful piece from an original symphony created by Alex Conrado (a Vimeo member). Alex was very courageous to take a chance with me, and what I would do with his yet unreleased music. Stay tuned for the full symphony coming out soon.
In this production I incorporated a lot of modified images in HDR to accentuate the power of water in all its manifestations. In addition I used some outstanding storm scenes from James Phelps. Finally, animations of composites and pseudo time lapses (video/photo) were used to simulate thunderstorms and lightning.
Music Copyrighted by Alex Conrado. All rights reserved.
~Six Gardens For Meditation~
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Photography all @
James Marvin Phelps; LupineHorror; StuckinCustoms;
GraphicReality; ZedZap; LeoBar

Animations, PTL and HDR Leo Bar