Water Sonata

This video was inspired by a beautiful piece from an original symphony created by Alex Conrado (a Vimeo member). Alex was very courageous to take a chance with me, and what I would do with his yet unreleased music. Stay tuned for the full symphony coming out soon.
In this production I incorporated a lot of modified images in HDR to accentuate the power of water in all its manifestations. In addition I used some outstanding storm scenes from James Phelps. Finally, animations of composites and pseudo time lapses (video/photo) were used to simulate thunderstorms and lightning.
Music Copyrighted by Alex Conrado. All rights reserved.
~Six Gardens For Meditation~
Learn more about this composer :: http://www.alexconradocomposer.com

Photography all @ Flickr.com:
James Marvin Phelps; LupineHorror; StuckinCustoms;
GraphicReality; ZedZap; LeoBar

Animations, PTL and HDR Leo Bar



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