Ancient Winds

I decided to produce this short video after having done one on how oil production is polluting our planet. Most recently, the blowup in the Gulf of Mexico further supported the notion that there may be some real doubts about the cost/benefit of producing energy mainly from oil.
This video intends to show how in ancient times mankind used wind for power and energy, while minimally impacting the environment. With all the new technology and knowhow at our disposal, we need to use this avenue as much as possible, since it’s clean, renewable, cost effective and persistent.

Elements Used in this Production:
Photography all @ Pixel Viking; Stuckincustoms; Doblonaut
Music: Forever and Ever by Divinity Project ::
Art, Animation & Montage: Leo Bar
Background & Research
Wind & Power
• “Power from Wind: A History of Windmill Technology”, Richard L. Hills, 1994.
• “Molens”, Frederick Stokhuyzen, 1962 (English summary).
• “Molendatabase” – pictures and descriptions (in Dutch) of windmills in the Netherlands.
• “Natural sources of power”, Robert Steele Ball (1908)
• “History of technology”, “Energy conversion” and “Windmills”, Encyclopedia Britannica.
• “Wind, Water, Work: Ancient And Medieval Milling Technology (Technology and Change in History)”, Adam Lucas, 2005
• “The windmill as prime mover”, Alfred R. Wolff, 1885
• “Industriemolens” – pictures of industrial windmills in the Netherlands
• “Windmills in Sussex”, Peter Hemming, 1936
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• “Origen y expansion de los molinos de viento en Espana”, José Ignacio Rojas Sola y Juan Manual Amezcua Ogayar, Interciencia, Vol.30, 2005
• “The Evolution of Technology (Cambridge Studies in the History of Science)”, George Basalla, 1989
• “European Route of Industrial Heritages”

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