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Windy Dreams

>Caution :: Nudity<
This video was inspired by Pablo Neruda’s poem called “Me peina el viento los cabellos” (see first verse translated below)
I was thinking that the poem was written as if a woman is talking about herself, her dreams, past memories, etc… After thinking about it for a while, I could visualize certain images popping in my head. This production came together swiftly. I did use some creative effects and techniques in a more sophisticated manner than in the past. HDR photographs for B&W and color were also used.
I also decided to play with colors and their absence, since I’ve heard from friends and acquaintances that some people dream in color, others in black and white… Some people have lots of dreams and others don’t dream or remember dreaming at all.

Music Los sueños by Astor Piazzolla

The wind combs my tresses
with a motherly touch
I open memory´s door
and my thoughts go away…
Me peina el viento los cabellos
como una mano maternal;
abro la puerta del recuerdo
y el pensamiento se me va…

Son otras voces las que llevo,
es de otros labios mi cantar;
hasta mi gruta de recuerdos
tiene una extraña claridad!

Frutos de tierras extranjeras,
olas azules de otro mar;
amores de otros hombres, penas
que no me atrevo a recordar.

Y el viento, el viento que me peina
como una mano maternal!

Mi verdad se pierde en la noche:
no tengo noche ni verdad!

Tendido en medio del camino
deben pisarme para andar.

Pasan por mí sus corazones
ebrios de vino y de soñar.

Yo soy un puente inmóvil entre
tu corazòn y la eternidad.
– Pablo Neruda –

Zion Visions

When you are surrounded by the most magical scenery and can hear the silence of nature, you’re probably visiting Zion National Park. Words cannot describe the awesome vastness, sculpted peaks, shades, colors and just peaceful feelings…

I have used a unique approach to create a pseudo time lapse… By manipulating the saturation of an image over a period of time in a graduated manner and directing the angle of light rays from a specific angle the sequence appears as if taken on a TL during sunrise. It was done in Vegas using 3 different effects.

The only problem I had with this production was that I had to edit it over 14 times!! Really frustrating! Everything was falling apart, as I was changing certain parts. At one point I felt like throwing the “baby” with the bath water. This happened over a period of 6-7 months. I had began this project the 24th of April of 2010 (I can’t believe it >> ??%^*%$*%#@!`<< )

This is my way of sharing it.
Elements used in this production:
Photography all at James Marvin Phelps; Louis Vest; StephenConn; Tim Hamilton; Leo Bar
Music: Presence by Neils Peter Molvaer
Montage, Animation, HDR, Pseudo-Timelapses: Leo Bar

Colors of Vermont

From a recent trip to Vermont. Went to film, photograph and follow the change of colors. Not much more to say, let the images speak for themselves.


Acantilado :: The Cliff

I was reading about the passsing of Mario Benedetti, an Uruguayan writer and poet, when I ran across this little jewell of a poem. It touched me in a special way, especially because I must have been in a somber mood (yes, sometimes I feel somber, and others like a bird in the sky with no worries).
So I decided to produce a composition to honor him and share my feelings with all of you.

Mario Benedetti aka (Mario Orlando Hamlet Hardy Brenno Benedetti Farrugia) September 14, 1920 – May 17, 2009) was an Uruguayan journalist, novelist, and poet. He was not well known in the English-speaking world, but in the Spanish-speaking world he was considered one of Latin America’s most important 20th-century writers.

You may read more about this writer at ::

Elements used in this production:
Music: Dance of the clouds by Origen remix with recording of poem.
Photography and HDR: Leo Bar; public domain
Concept Art and Animation: Leo Bar

Estados de animo

Unas veces me siento como pobre colina,y otras como montaña de cumbres repetidas.
Unas veces me siento como un acantilado,y en otras como un cielo azul pero lejano.
A veces uno es manantial entre rocas,y otras veces un árbol con las últimas hojas.
Pero hoy me siento apenas como laguna insomne,
con un embarcadero ya sin embarcaciones.
Una laguna verde inmóvil y paciente, conforme con sus algas sus musgos y sus peces.
Sereno en mi confianza, confiando en que una tarde te acerques y te mires… te mires al mirarme…

States of mind

Sometimes I feel as a low hill
and others as a mountain with many peaks.
Sometimes I feel like a cliff,
and others as a blue but distant sky.
At times one is a spring between rocks, and other times a tree with few lasting leaves.
But today, I feel as a sleepless pond, its pier with no boats.
As a green pond motionless and patient,
in peace with its algae its mosses and fish.
Serene and confident, assured that some evening you’ll come near and see yourself…and look at yourself as you look at me…

Mario Benedetti 1920 – 2009