Zion Visions

When you are surrounded by the most magical scenery and can hear the silence of nature, you’re probably visiting Zion National Park. Words cannot describe the awesome vastness, sculpted peaks, shades, colors and just peaceful feelings…

I have used a unique approach to create a pseudo time lapse… By manipulating the saturation of an image over a period of time in a graduated manner and directing the angle of light rays from a specific angle the sequence appears as if taken on a TL during sunrise. It was done in Vegas using 3 different effects.

The only problem I had with this production was that I had to edit it over 14 times!! Really frustrating! Everything was falling apart, as I was changing certain parts. At one point I felt like throwing the “baby” with the bath water. This happened over a period of 6-7 months. I had began this project the 24th of April of 2010 (I can’t believe it >> ??%^*%$*%#@!`<< )

This is my way of sharing it.
Elements used in this production:
Photography all at http://www.flickr.com: James Marvin Phelps; Louis Vest; StephenConn; Tim Hamilton; Leo Bar
Music: Presence by Neils Peter Molvaer
Montage, Animation, HDR, Pseudo-Timelapses: Leo Bar


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