Windy Dreams

>Caution :: Nudity<
This video was inspired by Pablo Neruda’s poem called “Me peina el viento los cabellos” (see first verse translated below)
I was thinking that the poem was written as if a woman is talking about herself, her dreams, past memories, etc… After thinking about it for a while, I could visualize certain images popping in my head. This production came together swiftly. I did use some creative effects and techniques in a more sophisticated manner than in the past. HDR photographs for B&W and color were also used.
I also decided to play with colors and their absence, since I’ve heard from friends and acquaintances that some people dream in color, others in black and white… Some people have lots of dreams and others don’t dream or remember dreaming at all.

Music Los sueños by Astor Piazzolla

The wind combs my tresses
with a motherly touch
I open memory´s door
and my thoughts go away…
Me peina el viento los cabellos
como una mano maternal;
abro la puerta del recuerdo
y el pensamiento se me va…

Son otras voces las que llevo,
es de otros labios mi cantar;
hasta mi gruta de recuerdos
tiene una extraña claridad!

Frutos de tierras extranjeras,
olas azules de otro mar;
amores de otros hombres, penas
que no me atrevo a recordar.

Y el viento, el viento que me peina
como una mano maternal!

Mi verdad se pierde en la noche:
no tengo noche ni verdad!

Tendido en medio del camino
deben pisarme para andar.

Pasan por mí sus corazones
ebrios de vino y de soñar.

Yo soy un puente inmóvil entre
tu corazòn y la eternidad.
– Pablo Neruda –

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