New York’s People

This is the sixth installment in the “Old” New York series. I tried to concentrate on its people and how they lived, played, interacted and protested. Not much has changed over the years… If one looks at the facial expressions of over 100 years and the ones’ from today, there isn’t much change at all…

The digital imnages were scaled, retouched, recovered & enhanced to make for a pleasurable viewing experience. Many (the majority) of these photos were stored as original glass or antique negatives medium. Later they were digitized and published by The Library of Congress. The stills had been taped, indexed, handwritten strange numbers??, locations, approximate dates and type of event.

From these images, together with some long and painful editing of very old film by the Edison Company I attempted to construct this small vignette.

Because of the sentimental value and pace, I decided to use music by Gidon Kremer, inspired by Astor Piazzolla as an homage. It just seemed to “fit” tight.

I hope you all enjoy this gem from the past,

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