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Final touches for “Candombe del Uruguay”

A quick note to share that I am finalizing a video production highlighting a typical carnival tradition of Uruguay, called the Candombe. It was recognized by Unesco recently as a unique form of folklore native to Uruguay and stemming from roots in the African continent. More to come soon.

Uruguay has the longest carnival celebration “carnaval” in the world. lasting 40 days!!

Shine a light

When I started to think about the storyboard for this production, very mixed thoughts came to my mind. The idea was to explore the powerful expressions of nature when storms are unleashed.
The more I got into it, I realized that it was the light-sound-fury that causes all beings to respect and mind nature. Both, fire and water (opposites) are displayed during storms, and the devastation they cause is well known. Given all these thoughts, I decided to add graphical highlights in this piece to experiment with the integration of art-words-images.

Elements used in this production:
– Photography all @ LupineHorror; leobar
– Time lapse: – ße ωell 😉
– Music: Longing by Yunus @
– Digital art, Animation, Graphics: Leo Bar

Enjoy the show!

Fragile – Do not bend

This is the second installment (see: Seekin’ Shelter) of looking at our environment and the responsibility to protect it and nourish it. Initially I was inspired while reading about the native american tribes and how they lived in harmony with nature. Not only did they understood their place in it, but more than that they felt they were to protect it and nourish it so they could continue to depend on it for the future.
When the Europeans discovered and begun to populate the american continent, they viewed the environment and land as something to conquer and profit from, rather than to live from and embrace it. A consequence of this avaricious mentality was the constant harrasment and eventual demise of the native population. In the meantime, deforestation of the land, annihilation of the major animal herds and species and pollution of the streams and rivers followed.
It gets me really going to see how we destroy our own “nest” in the pursuit of quick profits. Let’s turn the page, let’s stop this nonsense!

When thinking of how to develop and express these complex thoughts into images, I chose to use colors and the lack of them. Also, to accentuate the irony of how we protect and nourish posessions and art but disrespect our environment, I show music instruments, clocks, skulls contrasted with living beings and water. Music can be delicate and pleasant to the ears and it makes us feel better, so does nature…

Elements used in this production:
Music: Pesante ma largamente sostenuto by Mat64 @ (remix – Leo Bar)
Photography: Tambako the Jaguar @ (zoo animals); Leo Bar
Art, Animation and HDR: Leo Bar

Hope you enjoy this piece,

Shlep in the Clowns

This little piece came into my head sometime in October 2009. I photographed several clown puppets we use to hold notes and decided to build a story around them. After much experimentation and animation using blue screens, I gave up and started from scratch again (happens sometimes…).
So I came up with the idea to use them together with real clown paintings and art, lovable ones, sad ones and tragic ones. I set myself to build a story around them and the song “Send in the clowns” by Stephen Sondheim (a great writer, composer, playwright). After putting together a draft storyboard and begin to flesh the story, the piece took its own impetus and evolved as you see it.

While crafting it, I was reflecting on life’s up and downs, a new year coming, an old one used and discarded (not a great one) and how to make sense of it all. In the end I think it takes humor, depth, perspective and desire to continue forging forward. Living life in a meaningful way is not always easy, but once there, it’s bliss.

For this production I employed several techniques: from split screens, animation, coloring, old film mashing, to multi-layered illustration and digital art.

Software Tools Used:
Vegas Pro 9;; Photo Studio 5; Dynamic HDR; Movie Maker 2.

I hope you enjoy the farcical nature of this tale,