Shlep in the Clowns

This little piece came into my head sometime in October 2009. I photographed several clown puppets we use to hold notes and decided to build a story around them. After much experimentation and animation using blue screens, I gave up and started from scratch again (happens sometimes…).
So I came up with the idea to use them together with real clown paintings and art, lovable ones, sad ones and tragic ones. I set myself to build a story around them and the song “Send in the clowns” by Stephen Sondheim (a great writer, composer, playwright). After putting together a draft storyboard and begin to flesh the story, the piece took its own impetus and evolved as you see it.

While crafting it, I was reflecting on life’s up and downs, a new year coming, an old one used and discarded (not a great one) and how to make sense of it all. In the end I think it takes humor, depth, perspective and desire to continue forging forward. Living life in a meaningful way is not always easy, but once there, it’s bliss.

For this production I employed several techniques: from split screens, animation, coloring, old film mashing, to multi-layered illustration and digital art.

Software Tools Used:
Vegas Pro 9;; Photo Studio 5; Dynamic HDR; Movie Maker 2.

I hope you enjoy the farcical nature of this tale,


2 responses to “Shlep in the Clowns

  1. Wonderful Leo. Really fun and great.

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