New York Kind of Mood

This is another video in the sequence of old New York. I love to read, see and share about how this city evolved, from the early stages amalgamation to its glory days.
In this rendering I tried to insert as much comedy and farce as I could, without degrading the historical content. The video is not in chronological or any other order. It was assembled for artistic purposes to create the right atmosphere and tell a story of building, strife, progress, lunacy and fun.
Hope you enjoy the show,

Elements Used in this Production
Photographs: were sourced from Library of Congress and NY Public Library collections. I then proceeded to clean, size, scale and correct them for lighting, contrast. Most came from smoked glass positives and therefore are unique and fragile.
Film clips: Edison Inc., American Mutoscope and Biograph Company and Harold C. Lloyd Sr. movies.
Music: Reunion Cumbre by Astor Piazzolla with Gerry Mulligan


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