Ancient Fires

I wanted to integrate some wonderful fire paintings on silk I discovered from an amazing Boston-based artist, Kirstin Ilse with a subject that always fascinated me, fire. We are surrounded and surround ourselves by fire. Fire from above, below (earth’s inner core), the stars in the universe, lightning, man-made, heating us in the winter, cooking our food, waging our wars, melting our metals…
Without it, we probably couldn’t exist or had evolved as we are today.
This is my tribute and brief view of it. I will probably follow-up with more productions on this topic.
Hope you enjoy it,

Elements Used in this Production
Fire paintings on silk: Kirstin Ilse. See more of this artists work ::
Music: Shamanic Way by Mark Zackie ::
Video & Digital art: Leo Bar
Volcanic eruptions (archives of) BBC, National Geographic


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