Fausses Fleurs – Fake Flowers

A while ago, as mother winter was raging a non ending snowstorm on us, I decided to produce a video based on warm images I find around my home. Since we have lots of plants, art, paintings and decorative silk flowers I selected a theme to do with faux flowers. Especially, since the weather was so disgusting and cold, flowers would create the right atmosphere and warmth lacking that day.
As I was putting my thoughts together, I decided to have a mix of reality and illusion. So I filmed and edited examples of real and faux and contrasted them. It was a good experiment, and it kept my mind away from the inclement weather, sub-zero temperatures, and snowdrifts of 6 to 8 feet in front of my home.

I hope you enjoy this short adventure,
Elements Used in this Production:

– Music: Hint of dawn (remixed) by Kendra Springer at HTTP://www.jamendo.com/​en/​track/​674457
– Hummingbirds Video: Don DesJardin at Vimeo.com
– Paintings: Martin Johnson Heade 1819 – 1904
– Digital Art, HDR photography, Animations, Concept & Montage: Leo Bar


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