Metallic Nightmare

This production is based on thoughts and reflections elicited after having watched the monumental disasters that occurred on March 2011, in Japan. Despite all the high building standards, preparedness, modern communications, transportation networks, know-how, technology and esprit de corps, the disaster overwhelmed them. To this day they are still coping with multiple challenges, some caused by nature, some by human manufacture.

Many of the images attempt to express the disproportionate fate we have placed in technology and how that can backfire and cause tremendous damage to the environment and all living things. I also tried to present a contrast to technology by sharing images from underdeveloped societies and how they cope with the need to produce goods and food for sustenance.

As we begin to cross the seven billion human mark in this planet, conditions will become more acute if we do not reason out the long-term implications of deploying and using indiscriminate technologies to resolve short-term needs. I called it a nightmare because that was the feeling I experienced as I saw and heard what the Japanese people had endured and will be in the near future.

We are NOT in control of everything!!

Thank you for watching, and I hope to elicit some thoughts and a change in attitudes.
All credits are at end of video.


One response to “Metallic Nightmare

  1. Hi Leo,
    Having watched your fine video I did feel compelled to come here to read your thoughts. What transpired in Japan is a nightmare and one that will continue to cause havoc for many years to come.
    Our masters believe scientists are the new priest class and that we can dominate nature. I wonder. They sure do dominate us.
    Anyway, I look forward to the companion piece to this video.

    Kindest Regards,

    m :-)))

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