Naked Trees

This project was a pain and a pleasure to produce. The pleasure involved working (our third collaboration) with Luis Carlos Espinosa Padilla and a great original score. Luis Carlos is a talented artist and musician from Tenerife, the Canary Islands. Another source of pleasure was to be surrounded by nature and staring at 100-year old trees, some older, with their twisted limbs and branches. Even their bark speaks loudly of their age and experiences.

The pain came about while climbing one of them to get a better angle, and being landed abruptly on my behind by a 30 mph. gust of wind. Needless to say, I didn’t try climbing again! Simply because the pain would not allow me and secondly because I’ve been told I’m a quick learner 🙂

Despite this mishap after reviewing my filming, I realized that I had messed up some of my settings ending up with many blurry images. So I returned, no climbing this time either, and captured what I thought were unique close-up and macro shots, like a single bee buzzing inside the syrup bucket drinking the fresh sap dripping from the tree… Unfortunately upon downloading the film, (this time the focus setting was on infinity instead of macro), and the bee was nothing but a big flying blob spoiling the distant clear views of a forest!

So if you don’t succeed at first… On my third outing, the buckets had been removed, the sap cores plugged, and the sun was shining so beautifully that my shots were faded and lacked contrast. Not a hint of a breeze, so everything was still and perfect (but not for filming). Although I met a friendly giant poodle that took a bite of my camera. And so, I learned that one must cease the moment, because it never returns in the same fashion.

Enjoy the trip,

Elements Used in this Production

~ Original Score Music: Luis Carlos Espinosa Padilla
~ Learn more about this artist ::
~ HDR photography and film; split screens; digital art: Leo Bar

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