Hunger nightmares

This topic was on my agenda for more than a year. I wanted to communicate the gravity of why so many people go hungry or undernourished everyday. Lack of food is mostly due to man-made causes that can be addressed and corrected.
In this production I try to clarify the causes only. There are more intelligent and capable sources to correct the problem, so I didn’t cover the solution phase, nor do I feel capable of doing it.
The purpose of this video is to call attention and raise awareness to some of the foolish things we are doing as nations that create hunger for a lot of a our fellow humans.

I hope you support this message by redistributing it and posting it wherever it will be seen.
Thank you for watching,
Some Astonishing Facts:

.: 925 MILLION people go hungry every day!
.: The world produces enough food to feed everybody with 2,720 calories/day!
.: Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion metric tons — gets lost or wasted ::
.: Women produce about half of the world’s food but they own only about two percent of all land!
.: Children are the most visible victims of under-nutrition. 5 MILLION children die each year due to hunger/malnutririon! ::

Sources of data: U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization; BBC; NASA, Wikipedia


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