The Shore

This composition was produced using film and photographs taken over the months of April and May of 2011.
The images were recorded during trips to the coastlines of southern MA, NH and ME. Because I was so taken with the beauty and power of what I was seeing, the music I used is of a powerful and dramatic nature as well. It is a remix of Jean Sibelius (1865 – 1957) Symphony #2 second movement, adapted and cut to fit into a shorter time frame.

When putting together this piece, I decided to color grade to a deeper, darker tone and remove as much of the light blue I had on most of the shots due to sky and ocean views. Thought this effect could add to the drama and power I was attempting to portray. Split screens were used to accentuate coloring and showcase flora and fauna. Some animations were performed at the opening aerial sequence and with seagulls shots to imitate movement. Slow motion was applied to several clips to enhance the delicate maneuvers that these marine birds perform while on flight.

Enjoy the production,


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