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Age of Garb :: Garb age

A sad commentary on the way we dispose of what we don’t need or like anymore. at the present rate, the U.S. is producing 40% of the world’s garbage, while representing 5% of the world’s population.

The somber imagery captured in landfills and dumps across the world, intends to shock and hopefully change the misguided course we’ve taken. It’s impossible to continue disposing trash in landfills, since we’re running out of “approved” land. Furthermore, older landfills pose an existential threat to aquifers through the seepage of poisons into the environment.

Amazingly, in Asian and African countries a whole population of garbage “pickers” eke a living collecting anything salvageable, edible or recyclable.

My hope is to bring attention and cause positive action on this pervasive/toxic issue.
Thank you for reading and watching,