Art Illusions

This brief work was inspired by news of the world and global developments. I thought of using classic art paintings and superimposing themes, to depict the modern issues assailing us today.
Rather than to explain each of the images and themes, I would like to hint at one and let your brain do the rest. As an example, in the first sequence – Vermeer – Lady standing by a virginal – the idea was to express the great impact of technology when introduced into agrarian societies. Causing a sudden acceleration of change, by skipping through the intermediate evolutionary steps. The virginal is replaced and the woman appears to key into a keyboard, while in the background we can a see a fishing village. If it looks a bit stretched, it was intended to be so 🙂

Masking, 3D, animation, multiple tracks and layers are used to stress the combined new superimposition. I ask forgiveness for mucking with some precious old material, but at least I show the works intact, before any modifications.

Hope to hear more from you about your ideas and opinions,

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