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I’ll Be Heading your way ?

While reviewing some classic art and paintings I ran into a scene of David and Goliath (or Goliath’s head in David’s grasp). From that powerful image an idea began circling in my head about doing something related to “old masters”, illusions (as I’d done in the past) and some image prestidigitation.

What followed was a search for as many beheading scenes as I could find that would somehow lend themselves to manipulation (based on backgrounds, colors, size). From then on it was trial-error-trial-eureka!

In this small production I have used just about all techniques available (and a lot of new ones learned) of the NLE (Non-linear editor) Vegas Pro that I usually work with. Among other effects, I have used masks, both positive and negative, Vignetting, cookie cutter, 3D camera moves, multi-track layering, transparencies and some others I have by forgotten…

Paintings used are by: Artemisia Gentileschi; Francesco Barberini; Bartolomeo Bettera; Anthonie Palamedesz; MIchelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio; Pieter Claesz; Peter Paul Reubens; Jan Miense Molenaer (not in the shown order)
Music: Sparrow – Adam Hurst (remix by Leo Bar) You may learn more about this musician ::

Enjoy the slicing,

Some useful ideas and practical ways to re-frame photographs into video format

O3 Archive

This black border shows the difference in the size of the image in the old 35mm film format and the digital image of today. The point of the filed out negative carrier was proof of a un-cropped image and a badge of a great planned composition. Today I just point in shoot since I’m minus the view finder then I correct it later. I do have the image imbedded in my mind that I’m striving for. Things sure have changed. The images below are from my personal enlarger from way back when.

Yet again another photo composite of falling springs shot on film with a tiny Canon elph LT in 2002.

Here I have cropped a photo of Pete Cornell with his curved soprano saxophone. Wish I had a better camera at the time. This border has a whole new use in photoshop. Sorry purest.

Another 2003 film photo just before going digital.

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Tango to Return – Vuelvo al Sur

After a long pause, I decided to make a few more tango videos. The strength of this music and the sensuality of the dancers is a double attraction to the senses. Intense feelings and disappointments are typically expressed in the words of this composition.
It’s all about returning to the same places after a long exile – due to the events in the 1970’s – Vuelvo al Sur – I return to the South. So, this theme encouraged me to return and make another production.

Music: Vuelvo al Sur by Astor Piazzolla, played by Gotan Project (which I remixed and edited to fit into a timeline.)
I used scenes of tango dancers and still photographs heavily softened-diffused, added noise and vignette to express memories of times gone bye. If you like tango I hope you enjoy this interpretation.


Las LLamadas 2012 – Carnaval Uruguay

This is a joyful, colorful event that takes place at the beginning of carnival and continues throughout (40 days). Its roots are African – Bantu, yet all Uruguayans take part in this unique popular celebration.

The main attractions of Uruguayan Carnival include two colorful parades called Desfile de Carnival (Carnival Parade) and Desfile de Llamadas (Calls Parade, a candombe-summoning parade). In this production I am showing the Calls Parade and all of its representative elements.

The ‘Calls’ groups, basically formed by drummers playing the tamboril, perform candombe rhythmic figures. Revelers also wear their festival clothing. Each group has its own theme. Women wearing elegant, bright dresses are called vedettes and provide the sensual touch to parades.
European archetypes (Pierrot, Harlequin and Columbina) merge with African ancestral elements (the Old Mother or Mama Vieja, the Medicine Man or Gramillero and the Magician or Escobero) in the local version of the festival. As a manifestation of Uruguayan culture and a growing tourist attraction, Uruguayan Carnival is currently receiving important governmental support.
Special thanks to the following members for sharing their beautiful photography: L.A. Shooter (Leo Alvarez); Adriana Cabrera Esteve; Fotoguay

Enjoy the show,


Rio Carnaval Parade 2012

The biggest and best Carnival (Carnaval) in the world, does it again! An amazing show put on by a great people. It never stops to amaze me how rich and full of life this spectacle really is. The joy and energy, together with the artistry and pageantry is out of this world. Everybody is included in these parades, kids, men, women, all colors, races even paraplegics and disabled people parade as well.

In the southeastern cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, huge organized parades are led by samba schools. These official parades are meant to be watched by the public, while minor parades (“blocos”) allowing public participation can be found in most other cities. A real celebration of the people for the people. Each parade group “escola” displays a theme, a float, the ensemble, dancers and a unique song, together with the choreography to compete for first place in their category. I have tried in this production to recreate portions of the Rio de Janeiro parade and give the viewer a sense of “being there” in the midst of it.

Carnival is the most famous holiday in Brazil and has become an event of huge proportions. Except for industry, malls and the carnival related workers, the country stops completely for almost a week and festivities continue, day and night, mainly in coastal cities. Beer consumption accounts for 80% of annual consumption and tourism receives 70% of the annual visitors (According to Wikipedia).

Video images arte from the public domain, Internet and news broadcasts.
Special thanks to for his great photographs.

Enjoy the show,


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