Tango to Return – Vuelvo al Sur

After a long pause, I decided to make a few more tango videos. The strength of this music and the sensuality of the dancers is a double attraction to the senses. Intense feelings and disappointments are typically expressed in the words of this composition.
It’s all about returning to the same places after a long exile – due to the events in the 1970’s – Vuelvo al Sur – I return to the South. So, this theme encouraged me to return and make another production.

Music: Vuelvo al Sur by Astor Piazzolla, played by Gotan Project (which I remixed and edited to fit into a timeline.)
I used scenes of tango dancers and still photographs heavily softened-diffused, added noise and vignette to express memories of times gone bye. If you like tango I hope you enjoy this interpretation.



2 responses to “Tango to Return – Vuelvo al Sur

  1. Another highly enjoyable vid Leo!
    Nice work on the soundtrack too!

    I’m just about finished my stint on Vimeo. I have been a small cog in the judging for the 2012 Vimeo Festival. Now I can get back to making some more of my rubbish lol.

    For reasons unknown to myself, they approached me to see if I was interested. Go figure, eh?

    All the best mate!

    • Thanks Martin!
      Perhaps they’re a good “judge” of “characters for judging” 🙂
      Or perhaps you’re highly approachable ? Who knows?
      Did you enjoy it? Have you convicted anyone?
      LOL – come back and do your thing! That’s what you’re best at, seriously, your honor…

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