Some useful ideas and practical ways to re-frame photographs into video format

O3 Archive

This black border shows the difference in the size of the image in the old 35mm film format and the digital image of today. The point of the filed out negative carrier was proof of a un-cropped image and a badge of a great planned composition. Today I just point in shoot since I’m minus the view finder then I correct it later. I do have the image imbedded in my mind that I’m striving for. Things sure have changed. The images below are from my personal enlarger from way back when.

Yet again another photo composite of falling springs shot on film with a tiny Canon elph LT in 2002.

Here I have cropped a photo of Pete Cornell with his curved soprano saxophone. Wish I had a better camera at the time. This border has a whole new use in photoshop. Sorry purest.

Another 2003 film photo just before going digital.

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