Jazzy Jigsaw

Trams from the past come back restored as seen here, from several locations in California. I chose to show them under pieces of jigsaw puzzle because of how they were first banished due to the gas-powered automobile and now they're proven to be the most economic form of transportation in the state with the most drivers. Besides these old relics, trams and light rails are making a huge comeback in many cities around the world. The latest being in Jerusalem, Israel.

See :: http://www.lightrailnow.org/ also :: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tram_and_light-rail_transit_systems
Special thanks – Orange empire railway museum

This video production although simple in looks was very challenging to make. There are lots of filters and effects to make the imagery look softer and older than what it is. In addition, the custom-made jigsaw screens and blue screening animations took forever to synchronize with the music and keep it moving at a decent pace, but not too fast (to avoid skipping of frames) and zero in on the details of these elegant old trams.

Hope you enjoy some great jazz, and have a great weekend,

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