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Kol Nidre – All Vows

Kol Nidrei (all the vows) is an Aramaic legal declaration recited in the synagogue at the evening service on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.  This legal formula and its melodic accompaniment has been part of the services since the 6th. century.

Music: Kol Nidrei – Composer Max Bruch – Played by Pablo Casals (Remix – Remastered by Leo Bar)

Painting: Yoram Raanan
Photography & Digital Art: Leo Bar

Graphics – Fonts: From a 19th. century Jewish holiday prayer book (machzor)

Tango Poetico

This work is dedicated to all great Argentinian and Uruguayan writers and poets.

Music: Confianzas by Gotan Project Edited and remixed by Leo Bar
Subtitles and Translation: Leo Bar
Contains 2012 newsreel clips of protests in Buenos Aires
Photography: A Cabrera Esteve –; Fotografovolante –;; Leo Bar
Mario Benedetti Oil Sketch: Andre’ Cortellini
Digital Art and Paintings Leo Bar
Dancers: Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez

Nine is Fine

This one was done for pure fun. Enjoy,


To overcome the boredom caused by the U.S. political party conventions, I decided to build this work.

Inspired by a video :: by Mike Kobal using numbers as graphics.  Some of the websites I researched to build this little piece below:

Music: Starbud by 4our5ive6ix ::

Enjoy the show, math, stay awake and don’t blink.