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DNA dance

The essence of life DNA and its twisted dance (double helix)


Fascinating science behind the essence of life. Decided to construct this production from the inspiration while reading and watching how symmetrically and delicately is the DNA double helix held together. It felt like a dance, especially when it came to see animations of its replication. I have used these animations as backgrounds or foregrounds to the human body in motion to accentuate the dance aspect of this vision. The mathematics and architecture behind this complex structure are gigantic. It’s an amazing  realization that this complicated stream of chemicals are organized in such lockstep and are part of all living beings. A real miracle!!

Enjoy the dance of life,


Autumn and creativity block

my brain

As we enter Autumn here in the Northern hemisphere a new waft is in the  air. The nights are cooler, the mornings crisp and foggy, and the days are refreshing. Yet, my creativity and imagination is on hold. I had started a video project dealing with robots, automation, no people involved and it’s stuck at 75%.

Since I like what I do with imagery and music and try to do some each day I decided after a few days of mental blockage to start a new project dealing with kids, child labor, child exploitation and poverty in the 1920’s. After gathering images, research, reading and cranking out a general layout — POOF! mental paralysis.

So I started a third one (Don’t give up, never!) And this one was more cheerful, full of energy and creative juices – – – about tap dancing and some great tappers. As I began making progress on this one, I took some time off, to smell the roses I saw from my window (just blooming and coming out in our garden) So I  began filming and photographing them (Is this a fourth project?)

Please, help! No more false starts… Just allow me to begin, toil and finish at least one of them, PLEASE!! As you can tell, a force greater than myself  has taken over pumping and filling me with new ideas, but not allowing me to proceed to completion. “Got another for you, check this, this and that! What you think? Cool? Isn’t it? And so on…

A break is needed. And so I’ll relax today and try to cook some Thai food (look up some spicy recipes, veggies and seafood!) That’s the ticket!

Bye for now…