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Symphony of Drums :: Sinfonia de Tambores

This is what happens when you mix classical music with Afro-Latin drum candombe.
Scenes are from the Boston Symphony and the Llamadas Parade from 2012-13 Carnival in the cities of Colonia and Montevideo, Uruguay.
Music: Sinfonia de Tambores – Eduardo Da Luz (Live TV performance)
Photography: MVDTV, Leo Bar
Special thanks to AFP

Ignis fortis elegit – Fire chooses the strong

How gems and minerals may have been formed. Featuring my collection of minerals and gems together with the collaboration of Cran Cowan – UV lighted minerals @

Music: A different angle -2 by Garry B. @
Special thanks to NOAA for the underwater volcanoes clips.

Here are the steps I took to produce this piece:

  1. Made with CHAOSCOPE software images that resemble the target mineral photograph previously taken (size-color-shape)
  2. Took the image and the target mineral photograph through a morphing program and produced a video rendition of the transformation.
  3. There were several other “attractor/chaos” images made that were morphed among themselves and then re-morphed into the gem/mineral target.
  4. Then gathered all the technical – chemical composition for the making and assembling of the descriptions.
  5. The process was tedious, time consuming and error prone (re-edits),  but because I love my stones and minerals it was a real pleasure seeing how it could have happened 

Enjoy the show,


Autumn in Provincetown

Autumn in P’town from PIX IN MOTION by Leo Bar on Vimeo.

Filmed on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Provincetown is at the very end of the cape, surrounded by water.
More info about P-Town @,_Massachusetts
Music: Flare by Doemee :: – – Remix by Leo Bar