Ignis fortis elegit – Fire chooses the strong

How gems and minerals may have been formed. Featuring my collection of minerals and gems together with the collaboration of Cran Cowan – UV lighted minerals @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/28617364@N04/

Music: A different angle -2 by Garry B. @ https://soundcloud.com/garry-b
Special thanks to NOAA for the underwater volcanoes clips.

Here are the steps I took to produce this piece:

  1. Made with CHAOSCOPE software images that resemble the target mineral photograph previously taken (size-color-shape)
  2. Took the image and the target mineral photograph through a morphing program and produced a video rendition of the transformation.
  3. There were several other “attractor/chaos” images made that were morphed among themselves and then re-morphed into the gem/mineral target.
  4. Then gathered all the technical – chemical composition for the making and assembling of the descriptions.
  5. The process was tedious, time consuming and error prone (re-edits),  but because I love my stones and minerals it was a real pleasure seeing how it could have happened 

Enjoy the show,



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