by Leo Bar

“Images That Will Move You”

This blog is to share the details of my artistic work. Among some of the images I enjoy to capture and produce are: videos, photo montages, HDR photography, morphing and digital painting.

I am open to produce commercial work upon request.

Most of the entries in this blog will relate to how I  approach/conceive a project  and what elements I use in the process. It will also describe the type of images, photographers, artists, painters, and videographers I collaborated in the making of a specific non-commercial project.

Enjoy what I create and share.

Best to you ♥,

Leo Bar

5 responses to “Artwork

  1. Hello from Germany

    I saw a stream of old footage New York (publikc domain) which seems to be usefull for a forthcoming exhibition in my hometown. Can you give me the source for this film? (Nationla Archives may be) Greetings from Wiesbaden

  2. Beautiful work. Love your choices of music, too.

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