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What’s a Diddie ?

This one I made more than a year ago and wasn’t sure to let it see the light. Made it with old photographs and film dating from 1940 – 50’s.
Did it for fun and the exploration of old media.

Here are the lyrics to the song that inspired this work:
There’s a great big mystery, and it sure is worrying me
This Diddie Wa Diddie
Mister Diddie Wa Diddie
I wish somebody would tell me what Diddie Wa Diddie means
The little girl about four feet four, come on papa and give me some more,
of your Diddie Wa Diddie, your Diddie Wa Diddie
I wish somebody would tell me what Diddie Wa Diddie means
I went around and walked around, somebody yelled, said, “Look who’s in town”
Mister Diddie Wa Diddie
Mister Diddie Wa Diddie
I wish somebody would tell me what Diddie Wa Diddie means
Went to church, put my hand on the seat, lady sat on it said, “Daddy, you sure is sweet”
Mister Diddie Wa Diddie
Mister Diddie Wa Diddie
I wish somebody would tell me what Diddie Wa Diddie means
I said, “Sister, I’ll soon be gone, just gimme that thing you sitting on”
Mister Diddie Wa Diddie
Mister Diddie Wa Diddie
I wish somebody would tell me what Diddie Wa Diddie means
Then I got put out of church, ’cause I talk about Diddie Wa Diddie too much
Mister Diddie Wa Diddie
Mister Diddie Wa Diddie
I wish somebody would tell me what Diddie Wa Diddie means.
Enjoy the show,

Tango Solitario

Experimental assembly and editing of a sensual Tango dance.

Music: Sola – Gotan Project (Live performance) Remix by Leo Bar
Special thanks to Paul – Nano Projections for use of Nano Projections – Smooth yourself from

Beauty by Fire

This production shows part of my collection of gems and minerals highlighted by providing specific notations to their chemistry and composition. While organizing the storyboard I wanted to show the beginning of the creation, when minerals are spewed from the center of the Earth. Used some public domain explorations of volcanoes and their caldera.

The piece involved intense manipulation of images, including accented coloration, special lighting, macro photography, animation, motion graphics, and other esoteric effects such as morphing.

The music was key to pace the progress of the presentation. Still some stones left that haven’t seen the light or appeared on the screen 🙂 Perhaps a third chapter on this series may take place in the future.

Enjoy the warmth of the stones,


Autumn in Provincetown

Autumn in P’town from PIX IN MOTION by Leo Bar on Vimeo.

Filmed on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Provincetown is at the very end of the cape, surrounded by water.
More info about P-Town @,_Massachusetts
Music: Flare by Doemee :: – – Remix by Leo Bar

South by Southeast

Life and fauna of the Southeast coast of the U.S. Filmed in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina & North Carolina.
After the April Boston Marathon tragedy, we left for a long, slow drive all the way down to Florida to collect our thoughts, heal and rebuild our strength. I still think that animals are nobler than most men…

Enjoy the slow pace,

Le Premier Cri – Primal Scream

An exploration of human evolution from beast to intelligent animal. My way of envisioning how far we’ve traveled and yet how little we’ve changed. Perhaps we will achieve greatness one day…
Used metaphors and dancing to illustrate the ascendance of mankind, culture, language, love, procreation and death.
:: Music rights belong to Armand Amar exclusively :: Remix and audio mix by Leo Bar

Enjoy the voyage,


Aromas de Tango

Created a superimposed atmosphere of imagery and locales to highlight a very stylized tango dance and the accompanying music. All photos and imagery are from Buenos Aires and Montevideo and many represent traditional tango bars.

The group Bajofondo represents a new modality of music called neotango or electrotango. Some of their music is outstanding.

Music: Perfume – Bajofondo :: Remixed by Leo Bar

Special thanks to Paul Holman for the use of portions of his video Milonga de Milongas. See more of his videos at

Las Llamadas Parade- Desfile de las llamadas 2013

“The Llamadas Parade” is a festival that takes place every year in Montevideo in February, during the carnival season in Uruguay. It is part of the official competition of carnival groups of the Uruguayan capital. For two nights around 40 black and lubolos ensembles (known as “extras”) parade through the Southern (Barrio Sur) and (Barrio Palermo) Palermo neighborhood streets. It is one of the purest expressions of Afro-Uruguayan culture.
Carnival Week is considered the annual national festival of Uruguay. While Carnaval is celebrated throughout the country with parades and events in major cities of the interior, the main activities are featured in the capital of Montevideo.
El desfile de llamadas es una fiesta popular que se realiza todos los años en Montevideo en el mes de febrero, durante la época de carnaval en Uruguay. Forma parte del concurso oficial de agrupaciones carnavalescas de la capital uruguaya. Durante dos noches desfilan unas 40 sociedades de negros y lubolos (conocidas como “comparsas”) por calles de los barrios Sur y Palermo. Constituye una de las más puras manifestaciones de la cultura afro-uruguaya.


the OneNess

This is my wish and message for 2013! Have a joyous and peaceful year.


(Contains excerpts of the Dalai Lama’s speech in India)

Autumn golden mist

When the struggle for supremacy between Winter and Autumn – night and day begins to unfold, we can witness amazing events, light, darkness, cold, fog, mist and colors. These are observations beginning with early twilight prior to sunrise and continuing as the day progresses, offering us the richness and beauty of the season.
I hope you’re having a peaceful Autumn, and are getting ready for the Winter.

My thanksgiving wishes to all, for a beautiful season,

Music: Troppo lontano da te – Andrea Rossi ::
Remix by Leo Bar
Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Photographed during October, 2012 in the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire