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Real U.S.A. – Don’t You Run

The making of a video based on a series of candid portraits from the 1930’s.

I fell in love with a series of archived films from the Ivan Besse collection, that depicted common folk being filmed candidly as they passed by through downtown Britton, South Dakota.
The photogapher/camera man was positioned across the Strand Cinema (a relic still today), where he worked as projectionist. When done filming for the day, he would show the clips at the cinema as a preview before the real movie.

At first it was difficult to conceive a way to present the short edits I had extracted from more than 6 hours of film. I finally decided on doing it as a documentary of portraits with a theme. The music did it, and inspired me. From then on it was a pleasure to construct it.

Real U.S.A. (Don’t You Run) from Leo Bar PIX IN MOTION .