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Cape Cod in Autumn

This photo montage was a breeze to make. The great photographs, the onset of the season, the mood… It all came together with ease.FL 324257642_f3293d0721_b 12Some photographs come by courtesy of Loren Charif and Christopher Seubert, two native Cape Cod residents. In addition to my photographs, I have introduced some aerial software generated rotations and also HDR modified photos to enhance the experience.The music (beautiful piano piece) comes from Koen Scherer and it’s called “Changing Moods”. You may hear more from this artist at http://www.myspace.com/koenschererdrijfveren

Watch this video at:  http://www.vimeo.com/7237803

I really hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.


Cape Cod in Summer

Hello – Summer is over!

Had a good time making this montage. Was working with some great photographs released to me by Christopher Seufert Photography from www.CapeCodPhoto.net . In addition, used my recent ones and some oldies from vacations to the Cape, when we were living in California.

Cape Cod In Summer

I tried some new aerial shots, and used rotation techniques to simulated in-flight filming. This technique needs to be refined; while I’m learning the program and trying new approaches. There was at least one obvious glitch in the whole production. One person has caught it so far, since I published it. I decided to leave it in and see how many people can catch it (sort of like a game, catch me if you can).   I like to have fun too while doing all this stuff.

Here’s the link to the video ==> http://vimeo.com/6803692

I hope you enjoy the video, and fell free to comment and share your thoughts.