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In the Beginning

About three months ago and by sheer coincidence, I stumbled into a web site with paintings by Yoram Raanan. I was searching for the translation of a certain word “raanan”. Needless to say I got so distracted by his paintings, that I must have looked at all his works over a period of 2 hours. What stood out in my my mind, days later, was a sequence of paintings of the bible’s account in Genesis of the creation’s in seven days.
After giving it some thought I decided to contact Yoram and ask permission to use these paintings in a piece I had in mind. While being generous and open minded, Yoram was curious as to how I found out about him and his works… So without too much elaboration I told him of the coincidental stumble.

As I started to work on this production (over 2 months ago) it became evident that I would use art work, digital art, and abstract paintings to represent the creation, and the spirit of the story, as told in the book.
I must have changed directions more than six times while putting this together, since I wanted to express only the spirituality of the event. However, in the end, I was satisfied with what came out. Most of us may have heard and or read about it during childhood and through adulthood, and we carry images in our mind of what may have been like to be there. These colorful paintings resonated in my memory as the closest that I had ever envisioned on my own since childhood.

I incorporated some new special Fx and techniques of color grading, transitioning and illumination. Also, split screens and simultaneous multiple video tracks coupled with animation were used as well.

The elements used in this work include:Paintings: Yoram Raanan; Marc Chagall; Raden Saleh -(1807 – 1880)
Woodcuts: Gustave Doré (1832-1883)
Digital Art & Photography: Leo Bar

Enjoy the voyage,