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South by Southeast

Life and fauna of the Southeast coast of the U.S. Filmed in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina & North Carolina.
After the April Boston Marathon tragedy, we left for a long, slow drive all the way down to Florida to collect our thoughts, heal and rebuild our strength. I still think that animals are nobler than most men…

Enjoy the slow pace,

Southern Exposure

Coastal scenes from Northern Florida through Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina April 2013.

The video was compiled from a trip taken in late April 2013, where we started in northern Florida, and worked our way up the coast via Georgia, South and North Carolinas. We spent a lot of time with locals and visiting unique places out away from the tourists’ traps.

In constructing this video with soft framed vignette and lazy pace, I was trying to recreate the mood and state of mind we carried throughout this adventure. The Southern hospitality was evident everywhere and the rhythm of the day slowed down to a very smooth beat. Almost like molasses dripping down our pancakes in the morning… Still can taste the shrimp and grits in my mind!

Enjoy the show,