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Libérense – Free yourselves

This video was produced as a collaboration with composer Alex Conrado who created this beautiful musical piece. We worked previously on another collaboration -Water Sonata- and since then thought that we work well together, have complementary strengths and enjoy quality experiences.
As a result of this understanding, we formalized our association and named it “Imagining to Music” (I2M). Our specialty and focus will be to concentrate on working with artists, photographers and painters to produce professionally compelling visual portfolios of their work.
This was the experience that cemented our creative relationship. We decided to take up a difficult and controversial subject, and see if we can convey the idea and message without dialogue, narrative or written background. We would have to communicate the message through music and images in less than 5 minutes time. (There was a compromise; to put three short statements up front, to set the tone and direction for the viewers)
From this point on it took us over 10 weeks of back-and-forth assembling, tearing apart and refining this work. It took over 8 re-edits, and that was after we thought and agreed that we had a final draft!
We hope you appreciate the detail, subtlety and power we intended to convey with this creation.

Elements used in this production:
~ Original Music: Liberadlas by Alex Conrado
~ Photography all @ flickr.com: Trey Ratcliff – StuckInCustoms; Shirin Winiger; Andres Castañeda – VideoPlacebo; Dietmar Temps – * hiro008; Kris Krug – KK+’s
~ Animation & Montage: Leo Bar