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Autumn Sights

Filmed in Ohio and Massachusetts over the month of October. Digital paintings and time lapses used to create a multimedia effect and enhance the character of the outstanding colors of this season.

Hope you enjoy the imagery,


Painting a Garden

After much work over months of planting, nursing, weeding and pruning the final stage is filmed. Wishing to preserve the beauty of the surrounding flowers, I filmed and painted them (plus a couple of digital experiments towards the end of the video.)
Showing the following plants: spirea shirobana, smoke tree, fringetree, petunia, Stella de Oro Daylily, Astilbe simplicifolia, colored Coneflowers, various types of roses and others.

Enjoy the show,

Stormy Garden

Among the many scenes you will recognize Lilies, Irises, Hydrangea, Purple Cone-flowers, Lavender Wisteria, Smoke Tree and other specimens of colorful trees. Towards the end, the filming had to be cut short due to impending lightning and heavy rain. All along I was carrying a large (golf) umbrella to protect the cameras and myself of heavy raindrops that were beginning to hit us.

Shots taken around our garden while a storm was fast approaching. Some sequences were hand-held, others taken on the run 🙂 ♥
The power of mother nature was evident!
Enjoy the show,

Autumn in Provincetown

Autumn in P’town from PIX IN MOTION by Leo Bar on Vimeo.

Filmed on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Provincetown is at the very end of the cape, surrounded by water.
More info about P-Town @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provincetown,_Massachusetts
Music: Flare by Doemee :: http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/351564/doemee – – Remix by Leo Bar

Snowy Moods

Shot from early morning to midday on December 26, 2012

After a major snowstorm over December’s holidays, I got up early on Dec 26, and armed with everything I thought was needed, decided to go do some video shooting around the Blue Hills area. The Sun hadn’t come out yet, and the sky was still laden with storm clouds.  It was cold! My plan called for shooting macro and closeups framing the striking looks when snow embraces plants and trees. And so, I did for a while.

As the morning progressed, the sky cleared up and the sun made its shy appearance. The crystals formed on branches and bushes began glistening and sparkling and all trees appeared to be colored with golden hues. The scenery changed totally and my plan changed accordingly. I switched from closeups to long shots, and began panning to capture the beauty of the colors. Whatever eventually showed up in film, wasn’t quite the spectacle that my eyes saw (and my brain remembers). So, here’s my humble rendition of a glorious, cold, beautiful morning after the storm.



Autumn golden mist

When the struggle for supremacy between Winter and Autumn – night and day begins to unfold, we can witness amazing events, light, darkness, cold, fog, mist and colors. These are observations beginning with early twilight prior to sunrise and continuing as the day progresses, offering us the richness and beauty of the season.
I hope you’re having a peaceful Autumn, and are getting ready for the Winter.

My thanksgiving wishes to all, for a beautiful season,

Music: Troppo lontano da te – Andrea Rossi ::  http://www.jamendo.com/en/track/752163/troppo-lontano-da-te
Remix by Leo Bar
Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Photographed during October, 2012 in the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Very Berry


As springtime begins to unfold and birds are preparing to nest, I thought I would share some photographs and video taken over last year (some are two years old).

What as always amazed me is the symbiotic relationship between trees/berry shrubs and birds to facilitate their survival and propagation. By swallowing the berries whole, birds digest the fruit’s pulp and over time expel the seed (nut) in a different locale. With luck and some help from nature, a new tree or berry shrub starts its life. Over the years we have been the recipients of such gifts and our home is surrounded by berries and trees bearing fruit. The more berries, the more birds, and so on and on… Thanks for the gifts!

Enjoy the show,

Elements used in this production:
~ I asked Don DesJardin at http://www.Vimeo.com for some clips of wild birds eating berries, and as usual he was generous and open to sharing. Thanks Don!
~ Have used HDR (pseudo) treatments of single photographs to accentuate the images.
~ Also, digital art has been applied to several other photographs.
~ Several images were gotten from the web (they were taken in Massachusetts and New Hampshire)
~ Sound recordings of birds are true to the species.
~ All berries are delicious!

Hopefully I was able to show the interdependency of flora and fauna to benefit each other in differing ways.

Nuances d’Hiver

Nuances d’Hiver (fr) = Shades of Winter

 Winter in New England –  I chose a french name for this creation because I liked the sound it conveyed and its unique feeling. Tried to create a magical time, full of shades, nuances, harshness and surprises. The images span from metro Boston area and its parks, to western Massachusetts, Vermont and coastal Maine.


This video was composed from end of November through most of December. The intention and inspiration was to capture winter’s subtleties and contrast it with the striking power and images it offers to the wandering eye. As I began formulating the “feel and look” it became evident that I needed to get the help of others to conclude this work. In the process I came to “virtually” befriend nice people, who took the time to educate me on subtleties as well. Thanks to Justin Morgan for taking the time to guide me into the “nuances” of Creative Commons.

The elements used in this project are:
Photographs: Justin Morgan, Steven Erat, Werner Kunz and Leo Bar
(some HDR photographs, others have been modified in post to pseudo HDR and/or vignette).  Pseudo time-lapse was done post.

Music: Oiseaux Tristes by Ravel, piano by Felipe Sarro
Hope you enjoy this little present of subtle and mighty Winter.

Pix In Motion
Leo Bar
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