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New York City back in the 1950’s

Decided to continue with the NYC oldies series. The images on this piece are from the late 40’s and mid to late 1950’s.

Archive.org is where I found the majority of the films and photographs. A wonderful site where one can get lost and rummage as if it were your neighbor’s attic. Little gems of history appear shyly before ones eyes at all times. What an amazing trove of unique treasures!

I chose the music – New York, New York – (for obvious reasons) and the singer – Liza Minelli – because of her intensity and passion when she sang it live in Paris, France.

Enjoy the journey back to the past…


P.S. working on a follow up video that concentrates on NYC people and its food in the 50’s, stay tuned!


Ska Jazz

Getting in the mood of Halloween and listening to some great jazz music, I came up with this treat (or trick?). Tried to include most of the famous names in Jazz, from past and present. Ran out of time to include all of them so, my fault (time was not on “my side”).

The sync and timing to the music on this video consumed tons of time to get it just right. Hopefully it plays on Vimeo as intended. The idea to include something “nasty” in honor of the title of the music and upcoming Halloween, ended up being a long and tedious search for material, that would be striking 🙂 funny and weird. Eventually, I came upon this film from the 30’s “Esprit de Famille”, that actually bombed, but became a cult flick for early fetishism.

Also trough the courtesy of Christopher Taylor, http://www.kiwifoto.com/ I was able to add clips of bats in a cave. (I personally think that bats are very beneficial and have a critical place in nature’s cycle, but lore has them as scary, nasty and associated with horror)

The piece contains many technical features i.e. slow-motion, multiple screens, coloring, 3D camera motion Fx’s and other more trivial visual “tricks”.

Enjoy the treat,