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I’ll Be Heading your way ?

While reviewing some classic art and paintings I ran into a scene of David and Goliath (or Goliath’s head in David’s grasp). From that powerful image an idea began circling in my head about doing something related to “old masters”, illusions (as I’d done in the past) and some image prestidigitation.

What followed was a search for as many beheading scenes as I could find that would somehow lend themselves to manipulation (based on backgrounds, colors, size). From then on it was trial-error-trial-eureka!

In this small production I have used just about all techniques available (and a lot of new ones learned) of the NLE (Non-linear editor) Vegas Pro that I usually work with. Among other effects, I have used masks, both positive and negative, Vignetting, cookie cutter, 3D camera moves, multi-track layering, transparencies and some others I have by forgotten…

Paintings used are by: Artemisia Gentileschi; Francesco Barberini; Bartolomeo Bettera; Anthonie Palamedesz; MIchelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio; Pieter Claesz; Peter Paul Reubens; Jan Miense Molenaer (not in the shown order)
Music: Sparrow – Adam Hurst (remix by Leo Bar) You may learn more about this musician ::

Enjoy the slicing,

Art Illusions

This brief work was inspired by news of the world and global developments. I thought of using classic art paintings and superimposing themes, to depict the modern issues assailing us today.
Rather than to explain each of the images and themes, I would like to hint at one and let your brain do the rest. As an example, in the first sequence – Vermeer – Lady standing by a virginal – the idea was to express the great impact of technology when introduced into agrarian societies. Causing a sudden acceleration of change, by skipping through the intermediate evolutionary steps. The virginal is replaced and the woman appears to key into a keyboard, while in the background we can a see a fishing village. If it looks a bit stretched, it was intended to be so 🙂

Masking, 3D, animation, multiple tracks and layers are used to stress the combined new superimposition. I ask forgiveness for mucking with some precious old material, but at least I show the works intact, before any modifications.

Hope to hear more from you about your ideas and opinions,