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Mare vita

This is my attempt to document an underwater (fantasy) love story. The lovers are a cuttlefish and a squid. They appear several times in the first scenes searching for each other until at midpoint in the video they finally meet and it’s love at first wet sight. One can easily see the passion by how they change fluorescence and colors as they lightly touch.

Always wanted to produce an undersea piece. I love the ocean and all its creatures, although I am not a diver (deepest I’ve been is 9-10 meters). So I asked Rafa Herrero – an outstanding underwater documentary cameraman and a :: http://www.Vimeo.com member – for help with some of his footage and he graciously accepted. His underwater footage of whales is from the ocean around the Canary Islands. Other video/photographs used in this production are from aquariums and California coast taken by Leo Bar.

Enjoy the show,